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What Is PSHCE And Why Is It Important?


PSHCE stands for PERSONAL, SOCIAL, HEALTH and CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION.   It gathers together several different areas of teaching and learning that help children to develop into well-rounded, aware members of our country who are able to make a positive contribution to society and be productive and positive members of our community.


In our PSHCE lessons, we draw on GOVERNMENT teaching, such as the RULE OF LAW and our BRITISH VALUES programme.  We consider how to keep ourselves and others SAFE, such as our SAFEGUARDING systems and education.  We teach children about looking after their own health via teaching about diet, exercise, drugs and alcohol.  In Upper Key Stage 2, we teach personal development such as puberty, sex and relationship education.  We celebrate DEMOCRACY and reinforce this via our voting and election systems in school for positions such as SCHOOL COUNCIL , who themselves form a key part of PSHCE in school: acting as student voice and a very important bridge between staff direction and children's thoughts, feelings and ideas.


Classes have PSHCE timetabled as part of their curriculum learning and we also build it into special enrichment opportunities, days and celebrations, where particular elements are focused on in greater detail.  These opportunities, like our Christmas Concert, Walk of Art, charity events (eg: Red Nose Day, Remembrance Day) all go towards developing awareness of community, national and global issues.


In our BRITISH VALUES policy, we show that we take our role as educator of the next generation very seriously and we want to help them to develop into well-rounded and informed members of society.


Our ANTI-BULLYING policy shows our commitment to ensuring that all children come to school with the opportunity to feel safe and welcome, build a sense of belonging and be free from oppression, discrimination and hate.  We care about our school and our children and school should be a positive and safe place for them.



This, our School Motto, is what we seek to uphold in school and help our children to develop into well-rounded individuals, who are aware of their own capabilities; strive to challenge themselves; aim to become more, do more and find their own place in society.


To be a Featherbanker is to feel welcomed, supported, encouraged and given opportunities to develop and grow.


In our PSHCE studies, the children learn about their rights, develop and discuss their opinions on important matters.  They learn how to explore and manage their own emotions and opinions and how to shape these using skills like debating, presentations and speeches.   They examine case studies, learn about philosophy, ethics and morals.   They also learn how they are changing, from the physical (including relationships and human development) to the psychological and emotional.


We teach the children about the core BRITISH VALUES - what it means to be part of our country and their cultural and community heritage.  The values that define "Being British" are: 


The Rule Of Law,

Individual Liberty,

Mutual Respect &

Tolerance and Respect for All.

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We are also aware of the rising need in our country, particularly from a viewpoint of young people's development, of the need to be aware of the danger of extremism and, to help educate about and combat this, our Year 5's and 6's complete dedicated units on this in the Spring Term.




After a very well-received Assembly on Mental Health Awareness in the Spring Term, with a visitor from Leeds MIND charity, we have continued to develop Mental Health Awareness in school.


We have dedicated NURTURE PROVISION across school being implemented to support a wide variety of needs in our children, including developing self-confidence, managing emotions and developing positive communication about thoughts and feelings.  We care about the whole child, not just academic prowess and this is seen through our commitment to care, nurture and support in all areas.


To add to our provision in class, we have recently bought new resources, including copies of the excellent book "What's Going On Inside My Head?" for each class.  This book can be used in one-on-one provision and as part of intervention groups to help understand and support Mental Health needs.


Synopsis:  "We all know that healthy minds are really important but how do we make sure we look after our mental health from a very young age? What's Going On Inside My Head? is a book for children that explores practical ways we can keep our minds in good shape as well as our bodies. By talking about positive self-image, emotional intelligence, relationships and mindfulness, this book will help children develop healthy habits and good coping strategies from the start. Presented in a warm, child-friendly but no-nonsense way it will help establish solid foundations for every child's current and future wellbeing. Perfect for starting conversations with children about their mental and emotional health, What's Going On Inside My Head? is a must for every parent who understands the importance of keeping a healthy mind."


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Our CHRISTMAS celebrations this year have a central PSHCE theme, linked to promoting positive mental health.  We will be supporting the Horsforth-based charity MIND in our donations and our KS2 Christmas Concert will hopefully be a lovely occasion!
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At Featherbank Primary School we aim to promote healthy, independent, responsible members of society who have a sound understanding of risk and the knowledge and skills necessary to make safe and informed decisions.


We encourage all our pupils to play a positive role in contributing to school life and the wider community through school councils, fundraising events, supporting nominated charities and involvement in community activities. Our pupils are given opportunities in PSHE activities and assemblies to develop confidence, self-motivation and an understanding of their rights and responsibilities within our diverse society.


This year, we have adopted the VALUES FOR LIFE focus across school, which focuses PSHCE learning and approach around 12 key values that link to the SEAL (Social Emotional Aspects of Learning) programme (New Beginnings, Going for goals, Getting on and falling out, Good to me and Say no to bullying.)


Each Half Term, a different Value is focused upon and shared throughout school, with one class being PHSCE representatives:  Value Champions, who lead by example with the theme, contribute work to displays and speak during assemblies to the school about how they are showing the focus value both in and out of school.


JUNE 2017


This year at Featherbank, we have worked hard to build our community and celebrate the ideals of PSHCE: our Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education.  We are a school that deeply cares about being part of our community and we value our children enormously.  We know that we belong to a society which has a huge amount of diversity and we hold true to our British Values, such as tolerance, the rule of law, equality and respect.



We are really dedicated to celebrating our children's successes and promoting positive values in our school.  In our weekly Friday assemblies, we recognise the good that exists in our school, not just academic achievement but friendship, kindness, hard work, support and encouragement of others.  We encourage all our children to have a "Growth Mindset" and face challenges with determination, resilience and hope.


In our PSHCE assemblies, we recognise and explore our VALUES FOR LIFE : twelve values that we have taken on board to help us show and celebrate the outstanding personal and social qualities that we value in making a positive community:

 Through encouraging all our children to be socially aware and emotionally responsible for their life choices, we hope to help them develop into kind, caring and responsible grown-ups that can make our society a wonderful place.


In the recent elections, we learned a lot in school about the British Value of Democracy, how important that everyone has a voice and a chance to determine our country's future.  Our school was used as a Polling Station, so the children talked about what it meant to be part of a democracy.  We also had assemblies about it and it was reinforced in class when we held our own elections for School Council, who work closely with our adults to help shape our school and decide how to make it even better.


We are keen to support the great work that charities do and we have been helping raise money this term for the NSPCC - the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.  They have been in school, teaching us about keeping ourselves safe from harm, upset and abuse; teaching us about Childline (freephone 0800 11 11) and helping to raise awareness of what we can do to help keep everyone safe and happy - at home, in school and in our community.


Thanks to a rather exciting sponsored Dance-A-Thon in school and some very hard-working fund-raising efforts from the children, we raised a staggering   £1954.48 for the NSPCC!  That is amazing and massive thanks and congratulations to all who were involved!


Let us keep celebrating what makes our school, our families and our community great!  Our society is as strong, kind and good as the amount of effort, love and care that we put into it and it is so important for our children to realise that they have real power to make a difference!


Many thanks and best wishes,


Mr Prowse,   PSHCE Leader,  June 2017.

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