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Year 5

Advent is upon us and in Year 5 we are using our Advent Calendar to perform Christmas Acts of Kindness! 

See what we have done so far! 


Christmas Acts of Kindess

Fair Trade Event

We are so excited to welcome you all to our Fair Trading Event on 14th December! Keep your eyes peeled for updates on our preparations!


Feliz Dia de los Muertos!

As we continue on our journey 'From Bean to Bar' we celebrated a South American holiday - Dia de los Muertos (Or Day of the Dead). As well as writing stories and making artwork around this theme we used our Science topic of 'Properties and Changes of Materials' to create something of an equally sugary theme! 

Have a look at the fun we had creating traditional sugar skulls using soluble materials! 


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5


'There is no lake at Camp Greenlake...' begins Louis Sachar's famous novel, Holes, which Year 5 have been reading as we investigate the climates of Southern and Central America as part of our Chocolate Topic. 

To kick off our next piece of writing, Year 5 had a 'Holes Day', meeting the miserable guard, Mr Sir, as he put them through their paces building tents, writing diaries, measuring holes and warning the public against the dangerous animals you might find there... especially Yellow-Spotted Lizards! 



Year 5 is Truly Scrumptious! 


Want to take a journey down the chocolate river? Or taste Mayan hot chocolate? Well look no further than the Year 5 classroom where we are dealing with all things Chocolate! 


In ENGLISH we have been working on our descriptions, using figurative language and practising our thesaurus work to describe settings from the chocolate factory to the Mexican Land of the dead effectively, before using our class novel, Holes, to write about the conditions of South America, the land of the cocoa bean! 


In TOPIC we are asking the questions 'Where does cocoa come from?' and 'What does cocoa need to grow?' and displaying our findings on maps, in artwork and dioramas. We will also be delving into the Magical Mayans and learning about the first civilisations to use harvest and use the cocoa beans, and some who came later, including some very rash English Pirates! 


In MATHS we are focusing on Place value, using a range of models to represent numbers up to 1,000,000 and use them to compare, order and practice our reasoning skills. We are also developing our mental arithmetic strategies to boost our confidence in using the 4 operations.  


In SCIENCE we are looking at materials and their properties, ordering and grouping them according to their scientific classification and testing their magnestism and effectiveness for different purposes. 


Outdoor Maths - rounding practice

Outdoor Maths - rounding practice  1
Outdoor Maths - rounding practice  2
Outdoor Maths - rounding practice  3
Outdoor Maths - rounding practice  4
Outdoor Maths - rounding practice  5
Outdoor Maths - rounding practice  6
Outdoor Maths - rounding practice  7
Outdoor Maths - rounding practice  8
Outdoor Maths - rounding practice  9
Outdoor Maths - rounding practice  10
Outdoor Maths - rounding practice  11
Outdoor Maths - rounding practice  12
Outdoor Maths - rounding practice  13
Outdoor Maths - rounding practice  14