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Autumn 1


This half term we have become expert beachcombers. Take a look below at all thing different things we have learnt.

Topic - Design Technology

We designed our lighthouses identifying what materials and equipment we would need. Using a range of resources we have started painting our lighthouses and using different materials to make rocks, seaweed and coral.


We wrote instructions to help Mr Gringling make a sandwich for his lunch. We looked at the features of instructions and made sure we included time openers, bossy verbs and adverbs. After this we used our instructions to make our own sandwiches! Yummy!

Topic - Science

We have been learning about habitats and identified which living things we would find at the beach and in the sea. We focused on micro-habitats and learnt about the living things we would find and what they would need to survive. Then we created our own crab habitat, making sure the crab had everything it needed to survive. We then made an origami crab.


We have started the term looking at number and place value. Using lots of practical resources to help us understand number. We have partitioned 2 digit numbers into tens and ones and compared numbers using this language. As well as this, we have ordered numbers from smallest to greatest and greatest to smallest using our knowledge of tens and ones to help us. Every lesson children reason and explain their understanding using mathematical language to further embed maths vocabulary.


Sports Festival

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