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Autumn 1

Writing instructions to plant our bulbs

Exploring addition

Exploring Bulbs

Designing and making wind wands inspired by Matilda's unicorn

Horsforth Library Visit

Visit from Horsforth Museum

A very wet seed hunt!

Wowee!!! What an amazing, wet, wonderful, muddy day we had! We went seed gathering with Ranger Jon from the Countryside Rangers. He told us all about the different types of seeds in the woods and how they are dispersed (wind, buried, carried on fur and eaten). We found loads of acorns which will be planted and grown by Leeds council and we collected loads for us too! I was SO proud of how resilient and hardy all the children were on the walk - there was no way we were taking a rain check today! Well done!

Idea mining

After our walk outside, we did collaborative idea mining. We worked together to remember everything our senses captured. We then played around with describing words to help make our writing more exciting and descriptive. After reading a sensory list poem we write our very own.

A sensory exploration of our outdoor area.

Before going on a sensory walk we used VIPERS guided reading questioning to think about the letter P - Predict - what did we think we would see, hear, feel, smell and taste outside? Then we went exploring to see whether we were right.

We found lots of eating apples on our tree and tasted them inside.

One to one correspondence

We practised and problem solved using the skill of one to one correspondence through a game of bowls and biscuits. We rolled a dice to tell us how many bowls we needed and then again to tell us how many biscuits we had. We had to spot whether the had 'enough' bowls and biscuits. The children problem solved how to make the number equal by either adding biscuits or taking away bowls.

Counting and representing number in Maths

We had such a fun, practical Maths lesson today by building our number lines independently. The children had to build their numbers going forward and show the value of each number. 

Mondrian Inspired Art

This week we looked at line and how lines are everywhere. We explored different types of line and how line can come together to form biomorphic and geometric shapes. We then looked at the artists Piet Mondrian. Inspired by his style we captured the lines on a Horsforth map. We listened to Boogie Woogie music inspired by Mondrian. The children had great time!