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What a fantastic start to Reception we've had this half term! We've been busy exploring our environment inside and outside, and getting to know each other smiley 


Take a look below at some of the activities we've been up to so far!

Getting to know our environment

Sand Kingdom

Physical Development

Our "Gremlin Factory" (Malleable area)

Our first visit to Featherbank Forest!

We met author Louise Wannier! She read her book, "Tree Spirits" to us. Take a look at the video below for more on Louise and her book.



Louise Wannier Reading TREE SPIRITS

We met author Louise Wannier in Featherbank Forest! We really enjoyed looking at her book, Tree Spirits.

Exploring Autumn

Halloween Party Day!

Rosie's Walk

I wonder...Where does lava come from in volcanoes?

This week for our "I wonder" station, we wondered where lava comes from in volcanoes! We made a big volcano out of a cardboard box, milk carton, hot glue, paper, tape and paint (for the finishing touches). We were so excited to find out what happened when we added bicarbonate of soda and coloured vinegar to simulate lava!


We learned that lava comes from the Earth's core, and when it's underground, it's called 'magma'.

Innovating Rosie's Walk

This week, Reception have been innovating our class text 'Rosie's Walk'. We changed our class text first all together to 'Bill's Walk', a story of a bear going for a walk instead of a hen called Rosie! Then, our children had a go at creating their own stories.


Some of us drew our own story maps and told an adult their story. A few of us loved using our new story wall to create our story, following the structure of Rosie's Walk. We loved hearing everybody's own versions!

Works of art!


We've been super creative this week creating fabulous works of art! We used chalk and paint to create pictures of fireworks from Bonfire night, and used the side of the chalks to help us create some poppies after learning about Rememberence Day.


Some of us loved creating fireworks rockets in the creation station too!




This week, the children learned the story of Rama and Sita after discovering the celebration of Diwali, the festival of lights. We loved retelling the story with our character puppets! Some of us even made our own puppets.