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All Wrapped Up!

We have taken a step back in time and we have been finding out everything there is to know about Ancient Egypt.


We've made a fantastic start to our drama sessions with Mrs Gransby, learning lots of interesting facts about Ancient Egypt through drama!

Reading (VIPERS!)

Year 3 were fantastic this week exploring ambitious vocabulary for our first class text, Amun's Ancient Egyptian Diary! laugh

Mummifying Oranges!

The children had great fun learning about the mummification process by mummifying an orange. First we cut the orange open and removed the contents. We made sure the insides were dry before filling it with cinnamon, cloves, salt and bicarbonate of soda. We then wrapped the oranges in bandages and placed them in the sarcophagus in the classroom. We will check the mummified oranges every few weeks. Watch this space for progress!

Making Mummies surprise

We all had a blast wrapping a specially chosen person to be turned into a mummy! We used lots and LOTS of toilet paper, communication, collaboration and perseverance to wrap our chosen mummies up in 'bandages'. We found out that it wasn't as easy as we thought it would be! The winning team for the best-wrapped mummy all got a raffle ticket. Well done Year 3!


This term our topic is 'Animals, including humans'. Recently, we've been finding out all about what food groups are nutritious, and today we pieced together our own skeletons! Take a look at how we applied our knowledge by describing skeletons smiley

Summarising in VIPERS using emojis!

Virtual Museum Trip!

Year 3 visited Leeds Museum virtually this afternoon! We met a real mummy, took part in some mummification activities and learned some really interesting facts! Did you know that the very first king of Egypt was called Narmer (or Menes)?? We would like to thank Emma McBeath from Leeds City Museum for being such an amazing host, we had a lot of fun!

Virtual Museum - Meeting Nesyamun

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