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Autumn Term

Look at our wonderful winding mechanisms!

Christmas themed drama

In Year 2 we use hand movements to help us with our writing.


In Science we used glitter to represent the germs on our hands. The children put a little bit of hand cream on their hands. We then sprinkled different coloured glitter on to each others hands. The children shook hands with each other. This showed us how easily germs can spread. We talked about how to get rid of the germs (glitter) and the children investigated what happened when they wiped their hands with a paper towel, washed their hands in cold water and washed their hands with warm water and soap. 


Big Draw 2017


The children really enjoyed our Big Draw on the theme of STRIPES. 

We've had a great start to the new term. Take a look at some of the lovely things we have been doing.

Poetry Week

We have had a wonderful week learning, performing and writing poems. 


We have been working hard at home as well as school. Look at our super homework!

Florence Nightingale

Practical Maths

We have been using equipment and resources to help us solve maths problems.


In art we have been looking at different types of portraits. We have started sketching some of our own. First we did a self portrait without a mirror and then we used a mirror to look at ourselves in more detail.