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Autumn Term

This has been a wild and savage Term: learning all about the STONE AGE people and their civilisation!


We started off at Rock Bottom, our mountainside village of caves.  We learned how to build better huts - and we built some of our own! 


In Science, we learned about PREDATORS AND PREY, carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.  We studied teeth patterns of different animals and what they told us about diet and lifestyle.  Putting all we learned into practice, we even designed our own prehistoric creatures and created fact files about them!


In our HOME READING, we have been collecting reading comments to progress along our READING ANIMALS (and most recently, our READING PLACES).  So, we have learned and written all about WOOLLY MAMMOTHS, GIANT SLOTHS and TERMINATOR PIGS!


We have studied BRANCHING DATABASES and used these to create our own CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE STORIES, some of which we have recorded for you to listen to - see below!!!