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Autumn Term

It's All Greek To Me!


Welcome to the Greek Empire! Get ready to meet the

leaders and Heroes of Ancient Greece.


This half term, we will...

  • Look at the Ancient Greek empire and map the kingdom (History/Geography/ICT)
  • Read and watch ‘Percy Jackson’ to introduce ourselves to the Greek Gods and Goddesses (English/History)
  • Read Greek Myths and Legends (English)
  • Write our own Myths and Legends style stories (English)
  • Learn about the Greek Gods and Goddesses and

their importance to the Greek people (History)

  • Design and create our own Greek pottery (ART + DT)
  • Report live from the first ever Ancient Greek Olympics (English)

and much, much more!


Take a look at some of what we've been doing so far this term in Year 5


Firefly Pottery

Year 5 had an amazing time creating their own Greek pottery when we visited Firefly Pottery. Here are a selection of photos from our day. The finished products will be fired in the kiln and glazed before being returned to the children. Look out for more pictures of the finished items when we receive them!

Our pots are finished! Here are a selection of photos of the amazing art and DT work we have done.

Ancient Greek Day

Year 5 came to school in their grooviest Greek attire to experience a fantastic day of Greek activities led by John Conyard. We all learned lots and had a truly enjoyable day. Here are some of the images from our day.