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Autumn Term

Please see the table below to see all the exciting things we will be learning about this half term.

Learning Focus

Exploring the Ancient Maya Civilization and learning about the discovery and creation of one of their most important exports: Chocolate!

Topic Challenge

Hold our own Maya chocolate market. Design, market, create and sell our own chocolate-based goodies.

Key Text

“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” by Roald Dahl. “The Hero Twins: Against the Lords of Death” by Dan Jolley and David Witt.

Memorable Experiences

Visit to York Chocolate Story.

Marks and Spencer Chocolate Pudding Workshop.

Writing Opportunities

Create a graphic novel based on Maya Myths

Persuasive adverts

Instruction writing

Maya God Encyclopaedia entries


Life cycles and reproduction

Children will learn about the process of reproduction in different plants and animals. They will describe differences in the life cycles of birds, insects, amphibians and mammals.

Properties and Changes of Materials

Children will learn how to separate mixtures by evaporating, filtering and sieving. They will identify and describe reversible and irreversible changes


How do plants with no pollen create new life? Children will investigate how to create new plants from the cuttings of fully grown adult plants.

Do all solids dissolve? Children will test a range of solids to find out which ones are soluble.

Art & DT

3D Modelling Children will design and create Maya masks using papier-mâché.

Cooking and Nutrition Children will use chocolate to create Mayan inspired foods

History & Geography

Children will explore Life in Maya civilization, Maya religion and gods, Maya number system, Maya food and Maya myths and legends. They will create a timeline of Maya history before mapping ancient Maya civilization, comparing maps of the area then and what it is now.


Place Value, Addition and Subtraction, Statistics, Multiplication and Division, Perimeter and Area


iProgram Children will use games to learn key coding skills. They will learn how to use the coding language 'Blockly' to introduce key programming elements such as steps, loops, basic logic and functions such as 'if' statements.  

iJam Children will create a short composition using a variety of instruments and sounds available in the GarageBand app.


Boom Whackers Children will get the opportunity to play in different parts of the Boomwhackers’ orchestra.

Music Theory Children will learn basic keyboard skills to help them understand how to play notes and chords.


Multi Sports Children will learn the techniques involved in athletics, net games, invasion games and striking and fielding games.

Basketball Children will learn techniques such as dribbling, passing, ball control, shooting and attack/defence as well as game strategy.


What values are shown in codes for living?

Children will identify values in human life, and think about their own values, with special reference to the values of Christians, Humanists, Jews and Muslims.

What do Christians believe about the old and new covenants?

Children will explore some of the different covenants between God and various key figures in the Bible in both the Old and New Testament, including Abraham, Moses, David and Jesus.


Keeping Safe and Managing Risk: When Things Go Wrong

Children will learn about keeping safe online, domestic violence and going missing from home.

Identity, society and equality: Stereotypes, discrimination and prejudice

Children will learn about the different types of stereotyping and how prejudice and discrimination makes people feel.