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Back in Key Stage 2 and Board Games club is stronger than ever with lots more members!

Each week, we are playing (and teaching) new games and have had lots of interest in new games 

(including playtesting some brand-new games that have yet to hit the shops!)

We are always keen to discover new games, so we encourage members to bring their own games from home and teach us them - there's always an opportunity to learn a new favourite game!


Currently, our favourite five games are:

1. Merchants Of Infinity!

2. Top Hats And Treachery!

2. RISK (Classic Edition and Lord of the Rings update)!


4. Dominion!




We are starting a new year with a new group joining us to play games!

We are happy to welcome the children from KS1 to learn and play a whole variety of games.

Already, we have been teaching new games, exploring classroom games and children have been bringing in their own games from home, to teach and play together.



Games are great for learning new skills and developing imagination!  We play all kinds of games (card games, board games, dice games), from fantasy to sci-fi, historical to adventure.  Some that take half an hour, some that only take 10 minutes!  It’s great to spend time with people playing games and we have a lot of fun!

Thursdays after school until 4:15pm.
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Welcome to Board Games Club!


It's a great place to get together and play lots of new and exciting board and card games.  If you're a fan of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Magic The Gathering or Dungeons and Dragons; if you like strategy and puzzle games or trading and negotiation, we will have a game for you.  From King of Tokyo to Seven Wonders, from Pandemic to Top Hats And Treachery.  Bring your own, design your own and come and have fun!

Club Leader = Mr Prowse.
Thursday 3:45 - 4:15,   Year 4 Classroom, 
Open to Years 4, 5 & 6.  Available places:  20



CITY OF THIEVES = The guards were outwitted, the treasure was stolen and (nearly) everyone escaped in time!


EPIC DEATH! = Mighty Quests were embarked upon, roving bands of nefarious unicorns, rioting grannies and undead chickens were combated and much, much loot was earned!



The place to come to discover and share great games!


We meet in Year 5 every Monday lunchtime and play games together: board games, card games, dice games;  competitive and collaborative games.   Games about pirates, dragons, haunted houses, telling stories and destroying Tokyo!


Tabletop gaming is an excellent way of building up social skills, communication, strategy, problem-solving, negotiation, compromise, teamwork, challenge and creative imagination.   I am hugely happy and proud to be able to offer this club and to see how well all the children do.  They really enjoy sharing time together and learning new games!


Maybe we'll see you there..!

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After a great start to the year with Year 5 and 6, 

Spring Term is all about Year 3 and 4.  


We are looking forwards to welcoming new members and introducing them to great games.


So, whether you prefer a fistful of dice, a handful of cards, wooden stand-ups or 3D-sculpted plastic miniatures, there will definitely be a game available for you to enjoy!


We'll see you soon!

Game on!


Mr Prowse

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