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Our Intent is to:

• Provide a relevant, challenging and enjoyable curriculum for ICT and computing for all pupils.

• Meet the requirements of the national curriculum programmes of study for computing.

• Use computing as a tool to enhance learning throughout the curriculum.

• Respond to new developments in technology.

• Equip pupils with the confidence and capability to use computing throughout their later life.

• Enhance learning in other areas of the curriculum, using ICT.

• Develop the understanding of how to use computing safely and responsibly.

• Give pupils immediate access to a rich source of materials.

• Present information in new ways which help pupils understand, access and use it more readily.

• Motivate and enthuse pupils.

• Meet the individual needs and abilities of each pupil.


How we implement our Computing curriculum:

At Horsforth Featherbank Primary, we acknowledge the need to continually maintain, update and develop our resources and to make progress towards consistent, compatible computer systems by investing in resources that will effectively deliver the objectives of the National Curriculum and support the use of IT, computer science and digital literacy across the school. Computing network infrastructure and equipment has been sited so that:


• Every classroom from Reception to Y6 has a laptop connected to the school network and an interactive whiteboard with sound, DVD and video facilities.

• There is a computing suite of 30 desktops.

• Reception class have 2 computers for class use.

• Internet access is available in all classrooms.

• Each class from Y1 to Y6 has an allocated slot once per week for teaching computing as a discrete subject.

• The computing suite is available to be booked for use throughout the school day as part of computing lessons and for cross-curricular use.

• Pupils may use IT and computing independently, in pairs, alongside a TA or in a group with a teacher.

• The school has a computing technician who is in school once every two weeks on a Wednesday.

• There are 30 iPads available to be booked for use throughout the school day as part of computing lessons and for cross-curricular use.

• Each class teacher has an iPad.


Teaching Computing through Junior Jam

All discrete Computing lessons are taught by ‘Junior Jam’. They provide a Computing specialist teacher who teachers all year groups (Y1 – 6) every Wednesday, and a bespoke programme of study that ensures all areas of the computing curriculum are taught across the duration of the school year. Class teachers are also expected to incorporate the use of computing equipment into their other subject areas to ensure a cross-curricular approach to teaching and learning at Featherbank.


The impact:

At Horsforth Featherbank Primary, our children know how to use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly; they understand the importance of staying safe online, and what to do if they have any concerns.



At Featherbank, we use Junior Jam to explicitly teach computing for teaching staff PPA cover. They say...


"The use of iPads in the classroom has revolutionised the way children are taught. iPads engage, motivate and inspire pupils’ learning, and at Junior Jam we have developed, and continue to develop a range of courses that allow children to learn the Computing curriculum using iPads that we can supply. As the world becomes increasingly rich with technology, Junior Jam teaches pupils to create programs, films, music and a range of other content, whilst encouraging them to express themselves and develop their own ideas using the latest apps. Junior Jam can supply a class set of iPads consiting of 15 pupils iPads / iPad minis and 1 instructor iPad."


We take e-safety really seriously here at Featherbank and are proud to have partnered with the Safer Schools app to provide teachers, parents and pupils with information that will help to educate, empower and protect our whole school community.

The Safer Schools app is the perfect digital safeguarding communication and training toolkit. Information on the app is constantly updated and always kept up to date with the latest digital crazes and the issues we may come across while using them.

We encourage all our staff and parents to download the app to find out how to keep our children here at Featherbank safe while allowing them the freedom to explore and learn on their own digital playground.

Scan the QR codes below to download the app straight to your device or alternatively, search for 'Safer schools' in the App Store or Google Play and follow the instructions below to gain access.

Logging in to the Safer Schools App

1. Select your school from the dropdown menu and click ‘continue’.

2. Enter the four digit entry code provided or scan the QR code below.

Parent/Carer - Primary 7440

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