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Early Years Curriculum

At Featherbank, we use "Development Matters", a non-statutory guidance, which supports all those working in early childhood education settings to implement the requirements of the Statutory Framework for the EYFS.


Development Matters demonstrates how the four themes of the EYFS Framework and the principles that inform them work together to support the development of babies, toddlers and young children within the context of the EYFS framework.  The document also illustrates how the ‘Characteristics of Effective Learning’ may be supported and extended by adults as well as how they underpin the ‘Prime’ and ‘Specific’ areas of learning and development.


All those working to support the early learning of young children at Featherbank use Development Matters as part of daily observation, assessment and planning. It is also used at points during the EYFS as a guide to making best-fit summative judgements, with parents and colleagues across agencies, in relation to whether a child is showing typical development, may be at risk of delay or is ahead for their age.


The age/stage bands overlap because these are not fixed age boundaries but suggest a typical range of development. When using Development Matters it is however important to remember that babies, toddlers and young children develop at their own rates and in their own ways.  The development statements and their order are not necessary steps for every child and should not be used as checklists.


Please see the documents below for further guidance.

Early Years at Featherbank

The Early Years team are an experienced, committed and caring team who aim to give the children the very best start to their school life. We know that children (and parents/carers) need to feel safe, settled and happy in their new environment and we offer several stay and play sessions in the summer term as well as our visits to the pre-school settings. 

We use Tapestry, an online journal where parents/carers can see how well their child is settling in and accessing learning. Parents/carers can also upload photographs and observations from home so that we can follow their interests at school. We strongly believe in the importance of home/school links and invite parents into weekly reading mornings/workshop and assemblies to share our learning. We encourage parents/cares to engage in their learning , look out for the daily missing number, missing letter and read the tricky word sentence. 

We provide  a rich and stimulating environment for the children to learn. We encourage active play and exploration in both the indoor and outdoor classroom. Their are exciting opportunities to embed learning and forge friendships. 

The Early Years curriculum is very creative. We use a multi sensory approach to number which is practical and challenging, and is linked closely to everyday experiences.  Phonics is taught through a kinesthetic approach, using songs, actions and formation. Reading is an enjoyable activity where the children spend quality time with an adult, sharing and discussing their favourite books. Children bring books home to share on a daily basis. Our curriculum is very varied and as well as going on visits and visitors coming into school. Northern Arts Factory recently visited to take us on a 'Bear Hunt'.


Please see Reception page for weekly photographs and newsletters. 

Exploring the ice world.

Number patterns

Measuring our teddies

Number hunts in the garden

Using the computers

Exploring Featherbank Forest.