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Early Years at Featherbank

Our Intent

Our intent for EYFS at Horsforth Featherbank Primary School is to excite, encourage and inspire our pupils to be active learners every day. Our children in Reception learn in a rich, stimulating environment and enjoy high quality provision areas inside and outdoors. This includes our construction area, sand and water areas, mud kitchen, home corner and the creative station, message centre, and many more which are enhanced on a daily and weekly basis. Through tailoring provision to a unique cohort's greatest areas of need, we can ensure we are providing a solid foundation on which to build future academic, entrepreneurial, social and emotional successes, focusing particularly on wellbeing and attitudes to learning through high quality and meaningful interactions with school staff and peers.


Pupils are instilled with high aspirations from a very early age, and through our learning line and strong relationships with our nurturing staff, feel galvanised to take risks and develop resilience on a daily basis.
Children’s curiosity and enthusiasm for learning is ignited, along with the development of skills needed to learn, form relationships and thrive. Whilst recognising that every child is unique and joins Featherbank with differing levels of learning and social skills, our aim on leaving Reception is that children are:
•    Confident learners, who are resilient and willing to take risks.
•    Positive about their learning and are able to self-regulate.
•    High expectations of themselves and others.
•    Inspired to take care of the world around them.


Our approach is implemented through meeting the children’s needs, interests and stages of development through long periods of uninterrupted play, high-quality interactions with our staff, and varied experiences linked to high-quality texts. We recognise that the seven areas of learning cannot be delivered in isolation and seek opportunities to make links between them. We aim to deliver the curriculum through accurate use of assessment, tailoring our findings to our environment so that it meets our childrens' needs and provides challenge; focusing on high-quality texts, making time for play, and presenting new concepts in meaningful contexts that enable the children to build on what they already know.

Learning through play allows children to become inquisitive, imaginative, resilient and rich in language whilst gaining
fundamental skills and knowledge in a real-life context. Our provision, environment and quality adult interactions
provides opportunities for children’s interests to become a key part of learning. Following children’s interests allows
for learning to become purposeful and stimulating! Something as small as a dinosaur can become an opportunity for
children to engage with and learn in all 7 areas of learning. Children would have the opportunity to explore new
vocabulary through researching dinosaur species, develop mathematical skills through measuring footprints,
understand the history of our world and what extinction means, design and build dinosaur habitats and more all whilst sharing what they have learnt with friends. The learning journey around one interest is never ending!


In addition to meeting children's interests, we look closely at a text as a class each week/fortnight and explore themes, activities and experiences linked to the text, e.g. making a shadow puppet inspired by 'The Big Bad Mouse' in 'The Gruffalo's Child'! We also learn a text by heart through Pie Corbett's Talk for Writing approach, eventually innovating and creating our own stories based on the structure that we have learnt. This helps us to embed rich vocabulary and become confident storytellers!

Children are motivated to develop, consolidate and deepen their learning through interests as it becomes meaningful
to them, resulting in children becoming independent learners with essential social and emotional skills.



The impact of our Early Years approach is that our children develop into keen collaborators, ambitious explorers, intrepid experimenters, confident communicators and creative thinkers, preparing them for Year 1 and instilling a strong love of learning!

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