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Friday 15th January 2021



Here is a suggested timetable for your day.



9 – 10:30

Missing letter, Phonics, leading your learning

10:30 – 11

Snack / Break / Playtime

11 – 12

Missing number, Maths, leading your learning

12 – 1


1 – 1:20

Phonic Bug Club daily reading

1:20 – 3

Learning menu / Leading your learning

3 – 3:20

Story time


Please modify the timetable to suit you and your family!


We'll be having a couple of choices for phonics from now on! 

If you think you're ready for more of a challenge, you also have the option of looking at our next phonics phase, phase 3! We'll be moving onto Phase 3 once we're all back in school, so anything that you cover will be covered again with the whole class.

Please only choose this option if you are confident with reading and writing all the sounds in Phase 2;

s a t p i n m d g o c k ck e u r h b f ff l ll ss


Phase 2 lesson:

Learn to read ‘m’ lesson: Click link here.

 cursive letter formation practise:  Click link here.


Phase 3 lesson:

Learn to read ‘j’ lesson: Click link here.

 cursive letter formation practise:  Click link here.


Training your brain to read tricky words:

Everyday we're going to be taking a closer look at our tricky words! 


Watch this video for the tricky word of the day:

Train your brain to read 'the'

Join me in sounding out and saying our tricky word 


yes Can you write the tricky word in flour, rice or custard? Maybe you might like to write it in bubbles in the bath, or chalk? I wonder who can be the most creative!

 yesSay our tricky word in a sentence! If you feel up to a challenge, can you write your tricky word in a short sentence or caption?


Read and write:


Watch these clips of Geraldine the giraffe!

Click link here for 'm'.

Click link here for 'j'.


Practise reading:

Play phonics games assigned to you on Bug Club Phonics. Click link here.



1: To get your brain ticking away, have a go at this activity ‘Ladybird Spots’! Click on ‘Counting’, ‘How Many?’ and then ‘1 to 10’. Have fun! Click on this link.

2: Then for your lesson, watch this video - Click on this link.

3. See if you can have a go at the activity below. Remember to show me on tapestry!

Daily Reading

Click here


Lead your learning

Find, create, explore and discover your own ideas for activities in the afternoon. Surprise me with something to do with our new topic, some craft ideas, baking, football, construction, mark making, painting, dancing…anything goes! I’d love to see what you all get up to on tapestry! If you’re stuck for ideas, take a look at the suggestions on our learning menu, or browse the list of useful websites if you have access to a tablet or computer. Remember, if it’s your show and tell day, you can upload your show and tell for me to share with the class too.


Story time

Mrs Sowden will post a link for the story tomorrow afternoon at 3:30pm on here and tapestry J


See you on Monday Reception!

Story time - Traction Man Is Here by Mini Grey