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Gallery Archive: 2016-2017

Welcome to the gallery! 

The Featherbank team!
Our beautiful Featherbank horse!
Meet Year 1!
Year 1 Bonfire Night pictures.
All about Authors in our library.
Whole school Poet Tree!
Year 1 English working wall.
Year 3 work on Egypt.
Year 3 English working wall.
Geography focus.
Year 1 display.
Fantastic Year 2 homework.
Meet Year 3!
Rudyard Kipling by Year 6.
Leeds Book Awards display in the library.
Our link with Mexico.
Year 5 Mathematics working wall.
Year 4 Tudor's work.
We are learning these words!
Year 4 English working wall.
Year 4 art work.
Year 2 English working wall.
Reception learn about Diwali.
Meet Year 4!
Year 4 Mathematics working wall.
Year 2 display.
Art Gallery - Year 1 work.
Year 5 English working wall.
Year 5 Greeks topic work.
Year 6 work.
Year 6 Space topic.
Year 6 English wall.
Year 2 display.
P.E. and sport display.
Elmer is in Reception!
Year 2 Florence Nightingale work.
Reception Bonfire Night art work.
Printed poppies for remembrance.
Reception Mathematics working wall.
Year 2 children love books!
Year 2 Florence Nightingale letters.
Year 2 Mathematics working wall.