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Information for parents: 2017 key stage 1 tests

Details of the national curriculum tests (SATs) children in year 2 will sit throughout May.

Information leaflet for parents of children in Year 2 and 6.

Reading: Working at the expected standard.


Below is a video which is from the exemplification materials provided for assessment purposes.

This demonstrates the level of fluency required for children to achieve 'working at the expected standard' at the end of Key Stage 1.


The pupil can:

• read accurately most words of two or more syllables

• read most words containing common suffixes*

• read most common exception words*.


In age-appropriate books, the pupil can:

• read words accurately and fluently without overt sounding and blending, e.g. at over 90 words per minute

• sound out most unfamiliar words accurately, without undue hesitation.



The pupil reads known words confidently and without undue sounding out that might have a negative impact on his fluency and understanding. These include words of at least 2 syllables, for example, ‘inside’, ‘something’ and ‘everything’. He can also read words with common suffixes, such as ‘properly’, ‘careful’ and ‘noisy’ as well as common exception words, including ‘who’, ‘said’, ’house’ and ’behind’. He does not know the meaning of some of the words he comes across because English is not his first language and this is the first time he has read this book. However, despite occasional hesitation, he is able to decode some of these unfamiliar words quickly and correctly, including ‘Stephen’s’, ’pedestal’, ‘Iris’, ‘amazed’ and ‘candlesticks’, evidencing his strong phonic skills and his confident application of these. On first seeing the word ‘Iris’, he mispronounces it, but he has applied his knowledge of grapheme-phoneme correspondences and, in particular, has used his knowledge of how he thinks he should pronounce the initial letter ‘I’. Having once been told how to say the name ‘Iris’, he subsequently reads it correctly each time. He reads with understanding, as demonstrated by his purposeful and appropriate intonation, for example, ‘Not even Iris’, ‘I told you he was a kind lion’, ’Aaargh!’ and ‘Roar!’ This pupil’s accurate, fluent reading meets the requirements of the word reading statements for ‘working at the expected standard’ for the end of key stage 1.

How to Hide a Lion

SATs information meeting for Year 2 parents

Tuesday 14th March at 5.30pm in the Year 2 classroom.