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Monday 1st February



Here is a suggested timetable for your day.




9 – 10:30

Missing letter, Phonics, leading your learning

10:30 – 11

Snack / Break / Playtime

11 – 12

Missing number, Maths, leading your learning

12 – 1


1 – 1:20

Phonic Bug Club daily reading

1:20 – 3:30

Learning menu/Leading your learning


Story time


Please modify the timetable to suit you and your family!

Hi everyone laugh Happy Monday, and happy February too!


Just a quick heads up; since recording our video lessons and teaching in school is taking up most of my time, I've trimmed the amount of text to read on the website for the day, e.g. words to practise reading and writing will be on the videos, as will instructions for the activities to save you reading them after! I hope that's okay, and everything will still be easily accessible for you.


Have a great day!


Mrs. Sowden heart

What letter is Lucy ladybird hiding?
1. Practise writing it as perfectly as possible in capitals and lowercase.

2. Can you write down a word that begins with the letter?
3. Challenge! Write a short caption/sentence including a word that includes the missing letter


Phase 2 lesson:

Phase 2 Lesson - b

Phase 3 lesson:

Phase 3 Lesson - ng

Which number has Bill butterfly taken?

1. Practise writing it as perfectly as possible.

2. What is one more than the missing number?
3. What is one less than the missing number?

 4. Can you build the numicon pattern with something in your home?


Warm up activity, Lady bird spots:

Choose from counting, matching or ordering games!

Our Maths Lesson today:

Reception Maths - Matching 6, 7 and 8



Find, create, explore and discover your own ideas for activities in the afternoon. Surprise me with something to do with our new topic, some craft ideas, baking, football, construction, mark making, painting, dancing…anything goes! I’d love to see what you all get up to on tapestry!


Story time - Have You Filled a Bucket Today? 🧺🌈