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Physical Education Vision


We love sport at Featherbank and recognise the vital contribution it has to a child’s physical, cognitive, social and emotional development. The broad and balanced P.E. curriculum that we offer helps children to increase their levels of self-confidence and the ability to manage themselves and their bodies within a variety of movement situations.


We believe that through the variety of opportunities that PE offers, children can develop a sense of personal achievement, fair play, teamwork and an understanding of the ways in which sport can transcend social and cultural boundaries.


Our curriculum is designed so that all children participate in PE activities for a minimum of 2 hours per week during the normal school day (including swimming in Y4 ). One session is delivered by the class teacher  following  the REAL PE scheme, which uses a skills progression approach from reception to Y6, based on agility, balance and coordination. Session 2 is delivered by a specialist PE coach from Junior Jam.During each academic year also we aim to take part in  National sporting initiatives such as ‘Wake Up and Shake Up Shake’, ‘Healthy Living Week’, ‘Sports Week’ and ‘The Mile a Day’.


Through the Government Funding for sport (Sport Premium), we also provide opportunities for pupils to work with PE specialists e.g. tennis, golf, football, rugby and cricket coaches. Featherbank is involved with ‘Active Leeds’ who help to provide school with staff training and organise sporting events around the city, and with the ‘Youth Sports Trust’ who share expert advice and resources that help to further enhance our curriculum.


In addition to this, children are encouraged to join clubs and to extend their interest and involvement in sport. These opportunities have led some of our children to participate in various competitions and tournaments, helping them to generate a healthy sense of competitiveness and the will to win!


Sport related after school clubs are always popular at Featherbank and, with the involvement of external agencies we are able to provide a wide range of opportunities during the school year. To date these have included: street dance, football, tag rugby, netball, multi skills and gymnastics.

Ellis Pascall is a PE specialist who works within Horsforth Cluster. He works with all classes at Featherbank, leading to a Cluster Festival at the end of each half term.

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National Curriculum framework for PE

Cosmic yoga in Reception.

Physical development through climbing, travelling and traversing the apparatus in Reception.

Multi skills in Y1

REAL gymnastics in Y3

Street dance in Y5 with Junior Jam.