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RE at Featherbank


At Featherbank, RE is celebrated on a whole-school basis, with additional learning, study, trips and enrichment occurring across our Key Stages over the year. We help all our children - those who follow a faith at home and those who do not - to develop their learning and appreciation of living a life of faith, as it is a massive factor in how billions of people on our planet live their lives.


Belonging to a faith may mean dressing in a certain way; eating (or not eating) certain foods; recognising special people, places & dates; reading/writing/singing in a particular language or following certain traditions or commitments.


The biggest part of following any religion is the values and principles that such religions instill in their followers.  This will affect how they treat others, view charity, respond to those in needs, set aspirations on their lives and interact with others.


By studying a breadth of religions, we seek to recognise the very best in each one of them - their kindness, generosity, forgiveness, welcoming, support, love and respect - and what they all share in common.  This informs our values as one human race: religious, agnostic, atheist or humanist.