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We had a great day at with Farmer James! We met the animals, played in the hay and fun barn and went on a tractor ride!

Look at our number statements! We found lots of ways to make a number when leading our learning.

We made signs for the seaside shop and beach!

We made boats with bark, twigs and leaves. Do you think they floated? Could they carry animals?

We did lots of doubling outside.

PCSO's Rob and Rob came to talk to us !

We really enjoyed meeting the firefighters, looking in the fire engine and squirting the hose!

Exploring water on a rainy day.

Flynn's muumy and daddy came to talk to us about their jobs as a doctor and a physiotherapist.

Putting out the numbered fires on the fence with spray bottles.

We enjoyed meeting LJ and Martha the French Bulldog from Dogs' Trust. LJ told us how to look after a dog and how to be safe near dogs.

Den building.

Creative dinosaurs!

Drummimg with Mr.Mercer.

addition with Numicon

Enjoying the new playground toys and the new grass

Year 5 and 6 Sports Leaders running a muli-skills club for Reception!

Celebrating St.David's Day!

Numicon patterns everywhere!

Our Bear Assembly

Welcome to Reception 2016/17.

What a great start to our school life!

We have enjoyed exploring our new classroom, and loved playing in our playground and garden!

Numicon patterns

Reading number stories with Year One.

Celebrating Chinese New Year!

Designing and making blankets for our bears!

Number hunts in the garden.

Making dinner in the Home corner!

Enjoying our lunch!

We like to read!

Look at our a's!

s is for snake and strawberry jam sandwiches.

Ordering numbers.

Building models.

Delicious mud pies!

Watch out there's a bear about!

Making a necklace for FB mouse!

Painting and playdough.

i i i i insects, instruments in the igloo

Making words with our new sounds

We can 'paint' on our whiteboard!

Setting up the ball run!

Music with Mrs.Brookes

PE, pirates and princesses, p p p p!

How many broad beans did you find?

Contributing to our Harvest Table.

Digging for treasure!

Look at our writing.

Splat the letter sound!

Crossing the Trim Trail

Celebrating Rosh Hashanah with apples and honey.

Repaeating patterns with autumn objects

We read Elmer the elephant and used colourful squares to make our own Elmers!

We had a party for Winnie the Pooh's 90th birthday! We decorated the party tablecloths.

Making numerals .

Visiting the library.

We celebrated Diwali. We made divas and rangoli patterns.

Bonfire Night.... splatter patterns and exploding fireworks.

Children in Need. . .a spotty day!

Exploring the frozen water trays!

Christmas activities!

Kings, stars and stable animals !

Santa came to our Christmas party!

We really enjoyed watching Dick Wiitington the pantomime!

Painting our bears.

PE with our bears - jumping over!

Weighing our teddies.

Goldilocks and the 3 bears!

Our Summer trip 2016. We had a great day with Farmer James!

Having fun at Soccer Juniors

We are practising our learning in the Outdoor Classroom!

We are all superheroes!!!

Happy St George's Day!

Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth!

We are learning about 'People Who Help Us!'

Rosalind helped her mummy tell us about her job as a podiatrist!

Nathaniel's mummy talked to us about being a physiotherapist!

Edward's muumy and daddy came to talk to us about their jobs as a doctor and anaesthetist !

Isabella's mummy talked about her job as a hairdresser!

Ian,Alison and Bear came from Horsforth library!

PC Rob brought his police van and uniforms to try on!

We used the frefighters hose pipes and sat in the fire engine!

We enjoyed meeting Winnie from Dogs Trust! LJ talked to us about looking after a dog!

We planted bulbs, herbs and strawberries in our garden!

We had a great morning working on our Walk of Art Project with some of our mums! The return of Ace the Alien was the basis for our 'Space' theme!

Numbers numbers everywhere!

We love playing football in the MUGA and crossing the Trim Trail!

Ahoy me hearties!

We gave the beebots instructions to move them across the room!

Year 5 came to read us their stories!

World Book Day! PJ's and favourite bedtime books!

We enjoyed listening to the Wind Trio!

Exploring in the Arctic! Did you find any bears?

Busy in the mud kitchen!

Performing on the stage!

We celebrated the Chinese New Year in music with Mrs.Brookes! We danced with the dragon and played the bells! We told the story of how the years were named after the animals raced across the river! We made lanterns and practised writing chinese numerals!

We like to write in the Outdoor Area!

We enjoyed weighing our teddy bears!

We put on a Bear Show for our grown ups! Pandas,Koalas,Grizzlies, Polars, Goldilocks and the 3 bears, and 5 little bears bouncing on a bed with mummy and a doctor!

We designed and made blankets for our bears!

Practising our letters and numbers!

Santa's little helpers, stable animals, camels and a king!

We made spheres! Snowballs for adding and to make snowmen!

We wrote letters to Santa and posted them in the gold post box

Reception Class 2015

Reading with our year 6 buddies!

We have started to learn our letter sounds/phonemes. We use 'Jolly Phonics' to support the teaching of phonics. It is a fun approch, which the children really enjoy. It has a picture, action and song to accompany each phoneme. You can find the songs on 'youtube'. We learn the letter shape, find things beginning with the sound and how to form the shape. We try to find something to eat beginning with the sound too! We aim to eat our way through the alphabet!

s for strawberry jam sandwiches! t for toast! we are practising fine motor skill too! Spreading butter with a knife and using a pen to record like/dislike!

p for popcorn, police officers, pirates and princesses! i for ice pops and intruments!

a for apple printing and eating apples from Percy's tree! n for nurses, necklaces,newspaper and Noah's Ark!

c for cake and carrots, k for kites we made with our buddies and h for halloween!

We had a great fun creating Ace the alien and his friends for the Big Draw story book!

French with Madame Moss and MImi!

We enjoy using the library with Mrs.Clark!

Mrs.Williams and Signing Sam read stories with us on Tuesdays!

We made clay hedgehogs!

Mark making and reading.

Visiting the big playground!

Using the computers!

Enjoying lunch!

Our first PE lesson!

Percy the Park Keeper!

Animal detectives in the garden!

We love dressing up!

Goldilocks and the Three Bears!

Painting self portraits!

We enjoyed ordering numbers and making pictures with shapes!

This is a parents' guide to the Foundation Stage Profile.