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School Rules and Behaviour

The Featherbank Promise


At Featherbank we have agreed a code of conduct that encourages exemplary behaviour around school and explains clearly why certain behaviours are encouraged. This is called "The Featherbank Promise" (a name chosen by the children) and is on display in every classroom and around school.


Children are expected to keep "The Featherbank Promise", and get rewarded with praise, stickers and weekly Golden Time for doing so. On the rare occasion that the promise is broken, then we use a traffic light system (see attachment below for further details) consistently across school to guide the children towards making appropriate behaviour choices and offering appropriate sanctions, where necessary. As a matter of safety, we do not allow children to climb on the walls and railings around the school and politely ask for your cooperation in this matter, before and after school. 

  "The behaviour in and out of classrooms is excellent.  The pupils are thoughtful and kind towards each other.  They play together well at playtimes and are very cooperative in class" (School Ofsted Inspection).  The children are rewarded for good behaviour and they respond well to praise.  On many occasions, during Educational Visits, numerous comments have been made about the behaviour and politeness of our children.  They have pride in themselves and of course their parents and teachers are proud of them too.




Featherbank Primary School Behaviour Policy