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Velveteen Rabbit Workshop with Northern Arts Factory

A very physical lesson of sorting,hiding and seeking. We discovered the phoneme /i/ can be represented using the y as well as i.

We are learning outdoor games. Today we learned the rules to Hopscotch! Who knew the winner was the first to get to 8?

Exploring Subtraction again but today we are learning how to find the difference between 2 amounts. Today we are building it!

Parent Open Morning : we are learning VIPER skills. Today we explained why certain characters were very important to the story.

Children's Story Time - bring a favourite book to class and you can read it at story time.

No more practising! Now we design and make our Roly Poly toys.

Celebrating Chinese New Year

Creating Roly Poly prototype bodies and faces.

Using tens frames to add two numbers together by making 10 first.

We learned the PANTS rule from the NSPCC

A practical lesson learning how to add two numbers together by making 10 first.

Toys Wonderful Toy

We have had so many fantastic visits from our families telling us all their very faculties record from their childhood.

Science in Featherbank Forest: Labelling Trees and plants.