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Spring Term

Welcome to the Spring Term in Year 6. This term our topic is called "We Are At War", where we are studying both World Wars and the impact they had on Britain. 

Please see the topic Cover sheet below to find out what we will be learning about in the first half term.


Night in the Air Raid Shelter

This half term will see the return of our exciting experience event where Year 6 spend the day as evacuees including a sleepover at the makeshift air raid shelter in school!

We are very excited to be welcoming several guests over the two days in school.

O¶n T¶h[u[rã]d]a[þ 7t[h Fâ[b[ru]a[rþ, Nªa[n]c[þ Dâ Dªom[b]a[l ¶wi[l[l ¶¥e ¶vi¡[i[t[i[n]ü í›om HªorãîoŒt[h M¶uØe[u[m ¶t]‹ ¶·e[l[l ¶u¡ ªa[b]ou[t ¶l[iïe ¶i[n B¶ri[t]a[i[n ªd[u[ri[n]ü WªoŒl]d Wªa[r 2.

O¶n T¶h[u[rã]d]a[þ â[¹Ö[n[i[n]ü, Tªom PªoºÖ[l[l ¶wi[l[l ¶¥e ¶vi¡[i[t[i[n]ü ¶t]‹ â[n]Ía]Îe ¶u¡ ¶i[n ¶m]a[n[þ ªa]c[t[i[vi[t[¬e¡ ¶i[n]c[l[u]d[i[n]ü ªd[›a[m]a, ¡]Šl]d[¬e[rã ªd[ri[l[l¡ ªa[n]d ¡[wi[n]ü ªd]a[n]c[i[n]ü.

F¶i[n]a[l[l[þ, ªon F¶ri]d]a[þ 8t[h Fâ[b[ru]a[rþ, J¶u]d[i[t[h R¶h]š§e¡ ¶wi[l[l ¶¥e ªc]om[i[n]ü ¶i[n[t]‹ ¡]c[h]šŠl ¶wi[t[h ¶t[«e ¡[t]orþ ªÆô ¶«e[r ¶m]Št[«e[r, ¶™h]‹ ¶Ÿa¡ Øe[n[t ¶t]‹ E¶n]Ìl]a[n]d í›om Gâ[rm]a[n[þ ªd[u[ri[n]ü ¶t[«e ¶Ÿa[r ªon ¶t[«e K¶i[n]§e[Œt[›a[n¡[p]oŒt.

This will be a fantastic opportunity for all of year 6 to experience what life would have been like as a young evacuee and we thank all of our visitors for giving up their time to come and work with us.

A Huge Thankyou from Year 6 

Year 6 and Featherbank Primary would like to say a big thankyou to Sarah Marston, Community Champion and Morrisons, Horsforth, who donated food to us for our World War 2 Night in the Air Raid Shelter. 

Night in the Air Raid Shelter.

Our Year 6 evacuees had an exciting two days as they lived life as evacuees during World War 2. Here are a selection of images from our time in away from home.