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Hello everyone and welcome back after the Christmas holidays!


This Term, our attention turns to the STONE AGE, where our tribe of cave-people will explore the world, discover new ideas, technology, language, art, music and culture.


We will be learning about how civilisation really began, how people literally and culturally evolved and became families and tribes together.

There's SO MUCH that we're going to be exploring together in our Stone Age topic!  Check out this Half Term introduction to see more about all the prehistoric delights in store for us!

We have considered all kinds of factors and challenges that define a Stone Age village's life, from the roles and responsibilities of its people to the social pressures, needs and ambitions of those who live there.


We discussed MASLOW'S HIERARCHY OF NEEDS to investigate the priorities of society - and how much of them apply over 7000 years in the past!

We studied prehistoric animals and thought about which challenges they would pose to our lives.


We also looked at FOOD WEBS in SCIENCE and learned about how our ecosystems and habitats support a vast array of organisms and creatures that have complex inter-relationships, from predator to prey and co-dependent, symbiotic relationships between species that help to ensure the survival of the whole ecosystem.


As part of our SCIENCE learning on HABITATS, DIET,  FOOD WEBS & ADAPTATION, we investigated reports of a strange and deadly creature that was spotted in a remote location and proceeded to wreak havoc on the local habitat!  

Can you follow us on our investigation as we learn more..?