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2020 - 2021

Raiders & Traders


Our topic this term is 'Raiders & Traders'. We are learning all about the life of the Vikings & Anglo-Saxons. 

Featherbank Forest

We visited Featherbank Forest to do some observational drawings.

Viking Brooches

We made our Viking brooches using card, string, glue, foil and charcoal. First, we designed our brooches in our scrap books. After that, we transferred our design to the card. We stuck the string on the card and covered it with foil. To make the brooches look old, we rubbed the foil with charcoal.

Forces and Magnets

In Science the children have been testing different materials to see if they are magnetic by using a
magnet against the material to see if there is a force. We made predictions and after carrying out our experiment noticed that metal objects were magnetic. We were surprised to find out coins were not magnetic!


We also compared how a dictionary moves on different surfaces. We pulled the dictionary with the forcemeter on
cloth, carpet, table tops and bubble wrap to see the force in newtons needed to make the object move.


We are studying the book 'Beowulf' in English. The children really enjoyed using pretend telephones to describe the contrasting settings.