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Ibi constitit hospes! Quid hic agis? Et pignus fidelitatis vestrae documentorum Caesarem!

Yes, we are venturing all the way back to ANCIENT ROME this Term!

Our approach from our title, "Power And Glory" is to consider the greatness of the Roman Empire: in its heyday in Rome itself in our first Half Term and in its conquering of Britain during our second Half Term.


We will be creating our characters and living the lives of Roman patricians, with our villas, togas, feasts and trips to the Roman baths!  We will visit the Colosseum, create our own frescoes, consider the deadly glory of gladiators and ask the question: What did the Romans actually do for us?


After Half Term, we will leave the Eternal City and venture off to the edge of the Empire to discover the wonders and woes of that cold, rainy place called Britannia.  We may need to quell the locals and introduce their backward society to a few of the wonders of Roman civilisation, culture and scientific genius.  We're sure that they'll thank us for it, though...