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Summer Term

Perfume Making with Michael Borkowsky

Perfume Portraiture


We had a fantastic visit this week from Walk of ART artist Michael Borkowsky.

Michael is a contemporary fine artist and uses fragrance to create portraits of individuals.


The children had a wonderful time - smelling lots of fragrances. They thought about what the smells meant to them and they chose oils that meant something to them in order to create a portrait of themselves in perfume.

We then decorated our bottles to and named our scent.


The children were so inspired by their experience that they will even be creating their own adverts!


You will be able to see the children's work at Manning Stainton on the 7th and 8th of July.


Here is a link to Michael's work:


What a fantastic trip we had to Skipton Castle! 


The children were so polite, well behaved and engaged throughout the trip. They really did us all proud.


After quite a long coach journey  we arrived at Skipton Castle and met out 2 entertaining and knowledgeable guides Chris and Peter. They took us on an hour and a half guided tour of the Castle where we learned so many interesting things. Ask your children to tell you what part of the castle was a skirt. Can they remember where these sayings come from... 'my turn', 'sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite' and 'upper crust'?


As part of the trip, the children have been given a free entry ticket to come back to the castle - so they should be able to give you a very entertaining tour indeed!






Summer Term

We have had a great start to the summer term and we've already been so busy. We have been learning all about Mexico and we have looked in detail at a place called Tocuaro. Making a Mexican Sombrero was so much and we have also made some colourful Mexican masks. 

Mexican Food Tasting