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Welcome to the hidden page for the Featherbank Choir and (more importantly), the FEATHERBANK CHRISTMAS CONCERT 2021!


Here is where I will be putting the songs that we'll be preparing, the lyrics, the drama notes and everything else that we'll be looking at together to perform.  At the moment, it's still unclear whether we'll be able to get everyone into the Church or whether we'll be filming the songs and drama performances in school and collecting them together into some kind of performance concert video.  We just don't know yet!


The title of the Concert will be "THE MESSIAH BEATTITUDES"

and is focused on not just the Nativity meaning of Christmas: the baby that has been born, but rather the person who Jesus will become and all that this will mean.


Here are the songs that we will learn.   I'll attach MP3's of them below so that you can practice them at home.


1. When Christmas Comes To Town

2. Somewhere Over The Rainbow

3. Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem

4. Down To The River To Pray

5. Oh Sinnerman

6. Amazing Grace

7. Little Drummer Boy / Peace On Earth

8. Redemption Song

9. FINALE:  Love Shone Down.


There will be readings, drama sections and a whole lot of amazingness.  I will be looking for soloists, groups and ensemble pieces.  Some of the songs will be song by just the Choir and others will be led by the Choir and separate Year Groups.  We will practice songs and put together drama performances each week in Choir Club.  (We'll also probably have backups and understudies in case anyone is ill on the night!)  It will, I hope, be wonderful.


Best wishes,


Mr Prowse

Choir Leader


SONG 1 - When Christmas Comes To Town

SONG 2 - Somewhere Over The Rainbow

SONG 3 - Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem

SONG 4 - Down To The River To Pray

SONG 5 - Oh Sinnerman

SONG 6 - Amazing Grace

SONG 7 - Little Drummer Boy - Peace On Earth

SONG 8 - Redemption Song

09 Love Shone Down - Finale - 3min48.mp3