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Tuesday 2nd February



Here is a suggested timetable for your day.




9 – 10:30

Missing letter, Phonics, leading your learning

10:30 – 11

Snack / Break / Playtime

11 – 12

Missing number, Maths, leading your learning

12 – 1


1 – 1:20

Phonic Bug Club daily reading

1:20 – 2


2 – 3:30

Leading your learning (Music and Dance suggestions below)


Story time


Please modify the timetable to suit you and your family!

What letter is Lucy ladybird hiding?
1. Practise writing it as perfectly as possible in capitals and lowercase.

2. Can you write down a word that begins with the letter?
3. Challenge! Write a short caption/sentence including a word that includes the missing letter


Phase 2 lesson:

Phase 2 Lesson - f

Phase 3 lesson:

Phase 3 lesson - ai

Which number has Bill butterfly taken?

1. Practise writing it as perfectly as possible.

2. What is one more than the missing number?
3. What is one less than the missing number?

 4. Can you build the numicon pattern with something in your home? I’d love to see it on tapestry!

Warm up activity: (May I suggest you select 'Count On & Back'!)


Reception Maths - 1 more and 1 less


For PE today, you can choose between following along to Joe Wicks or you could do a Cosmic Yoga video! See the links below J

If you don’t fancy doing these activities, you can always choose to be active in any other way you enjoy, e.g. football, a walk, dancing or helping out in the garden!

PE With Joe 2021

Kids Yoga with Dinosaurs

Find, create, explore and discover your own ideas for activities in the afternoon. Surprise me with something to do with our new topic, some craft ideas, baking, football, construction, mark making, painting, dancing…anything goes!


Oak Academy music session: Click here!


See below for a dance video you could try!

I'm a Gummy Bear (The Gummy Bear Song)

Story time - The Very Lazy Ladybird 🐞

See you tomorrow Reception!