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Year 3

Congratulations to our new School Councillors. Both girls are super efficient and are doing an excellent job!


Welcome to Year 3


We would like to share some of the exciting things we have been learning about.

Tropical Rainforests

As our topic, we have been finding out lots of facts about the tropical rainforests around the world. We can tell you why it's always hot and rainy there, and we could tell you some facts about some of the most deadliest creatures in the world that live there! Did you know, there is a frog that lives in the rainforest and even though it's beautifully coloured and only the size of your thumb, it could kill up to 20 people? Amazing!


We are looking forward to experiencing the rainforest climate when we visit Tropical World on our class trip. Let's hope there are no strange looking frogs lurking amongst the trees...



Our trip to Tropical World


NSPCC Dance-a-thon


We had a wonderful time participating in the school Dance-a-thon to help raise money for the NSPCC. Thank you to everyone who sponsored us and supported us with this. We helped the school to raise £1,954.48! BRILLIANT!

Class 3 Dance-a-thon

Science Week

We had great fun during Science week.

Science Week

Edible Roman Roads

Roman Shield Formation


Well done to everyone in Y3 who ran for School Councillor. Our new Councillors are looking forward to representing the class and getting involved in school council business!

The Romans


Our topic for this term is The Romans, and already the children have been busy preparing their Roman shields for homework! Take a look at these fine specimens...

Roman shields

...and other brilliant examples of homework!



In music lessons, the whole class is learning how to play the recorder.


We are developing our coordination and dynamic balance skills in PE.



Book Sharing Day


Everyone in school was asked to bring in their favourite book, or a book they had received as a Christmas present, and to share it with someone else. We had a reading afternoon where the children were mixed into different classes and their shared reading could begin!

Book sharing afternoon.

Autumn Term

Our main topic this term is ancient Egypt. We have been so impressed with your wonderful pieces of homework to support this topic. Here are a few examples:

'Mummy Day'!


As part of our Ancient Egypt topic, we learnt about the mummification process and decided to have a go at the wrapping stage!



Throughout this term, we have been studying animals, including humans. We have looked at nutrition and the essential food groups, and we have learnt the names of some parts of the body.

Science - nutrition

Science - the body





Year 3 2015-2016

We enjoyed an art workshop with Amanda Phillips from Leeds Art Gallery.

Year 3 had a tasty afternoon when 'M & S' visited with their melting chocolate puddings.

We have learnt to dance the 'Barber's Plait' round the Maypole.

Look at our fantastic coil pots. They are made in the traditional way of the Shipibo tribe of the Amazon Rainforest.

We are learning to play the ukulele with Mrs Brookes.

The winning house team, Robins, were rewarded by a visit from Sam's Safari.

Look at our marvellous mosiacs.

Thank you parents, for helping us evaluate our sandwiches. We enjoyed playing our recorders for you too.

Fun for Sports Relief!

Madame Moss has taught us to sing 'The Rainbow Song' in French.

An exciting visit from author Tom Palmer.

Painting daffodils with Mrs Ledda for Mother's day.

Our beautiful replica Roman morataria pots. The wood chippings inside represent chips of stone used to grind herbs.

We had a fascinating morning when Andrew Kyrover visited with Roman artefacts from Leeds Discovery Centre. We even made our own Morataria; the Roman version of a mortar and pestle

Creating music and dance to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Year 3 made story cubes to help them write their quest stories. Well done year 3.

The children looked great in their Scouting Movement uniforms to mark 'Thinking Day'.

Year 3 had fun meauring and comparing heights and lengths using mm, cm and m.

We enjoyed our visit from the Woodwind Trio.

We love our music lessons with Mrs Brookes. Maybe, one day, we might be as good as the Woodwind Trio!

Super Year Three Scientists learning all about light.

Look at our fantastic shapes and balances in gymnastics.

Decorating our tree.

The Fantastic Year 3 Donkeys in Xmas Rocks!


Exciting Egyptians!


Year 3 have been learning all about Ancient Egypt. The children have enjoyed a fascinating visit from the Leeds Discovery Centre, made some amazing pyramids and created their very own mummies. They have even turned themselves into mummies! Have a look at some of the things the children have been doing below....

Year 3 had lots of fun making each other into mummies!

Egyptian workshop from Leeds Discovery Centre.

We love P.E.lessons!

Look how smart we are in our KS2 uniforms.