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Year 5


Summer term has been going extremely well in Year 5!

We have explored Norway and Sweden, settled and conquered.

We have been performing our drama workshop, "BEOWULF" and exploring the monstrous - or not? - nature of Grendel!  


We have made HNEFATAFL Viking Chess Sets in Art and DT, as well as fabulous Viking Coin Purses/Pouches.  Currently, we are in the midst of making Viking Shields.


We have been reading The Saga Of Erik The Viking and learning about Norse Myths and Legends.   We have explored suitable locations for Winter Villages, learned more about the Gods and Goddesses of Asgard, writtens lots and lots and LOTS AND LOTS about Vikings:   Debates, Newspapers, Playscripts, Stories, Speeches and more!


We went on an excellent trip to the Yorkshire Museum, where we took part in lots of great workshops, including:  HAIR-COMBING, WEAVING, BELT MAKING, BUCKLE-MAKING, SKI-BALANCING AND RUNE-CASTING.


Hyggleg å møte deg!

Nice to meet you!


Year 5 are going a-VIKING this term, with an amazing TOPIC-LED-LEARNING (TLL) approach to learning.  What this means is that everything (yes, pretty much everything!) is being taught and linked through to the Vikings!


So, we have VIKING GPS lessons!

VIKING spellings for homework - sometimes in NORWEGIAN!

We learn about VIKING Geography, mapwork skills and expeditions!

VIKING Art & DT - we've made HNEFATAFL Viking chess sets!

VIKING poetry - we have been writing KENNINGS!

VIKING comprehension about daily life, artefacts, DNA ancestry and linked to our VIKING Daily Reader:  THE SAGA OF ERIC THE VIKING!


It is a wonderful way to approach topic learning in DEPTH and has really helped to engage the children and tie all our learning together!


We have also helped to bring things to life by adopting our very own Viking village of ENHET (UNITY in Norwegian).  The children have all created their very own Viking personas, picked a house to live in, a trade to do - we have even started spreading some well-chosen secrets about all the shenanigans going on and the secrets abounding in the village!

Spring Term at Featherbank is one of great devotion to reading, stories and challenging ourselves to explore exciting and interesting books!


Year 5 are enjoying the adventure of the Leeds Book Awards - challenging themselves to read the best 6 books as voted for by the shortlisting panel.    


We will be reading, discussing, reviewing, voting and putting our best choices forwards for the coveted prize!


Keep your eye on the event webpage at

for more information!



Welcome back!  Christmas was a very enjoyable, exciting and eventful time, by all accounts!

We are now back, exploring new topics, having new adventures and creating lots more wonderful memories!



Our new Working Walls have been a massive benefit to children all across the school.  The children really enjoy the interactive nature of them and like sharing their ideas, to benefit the whole class!    Our topics so far have been LETTERS (see READING UNDER THE STARS!) and DEBATES!   Next, we are moving onto PERSUASIVE SPEECHES, which will link with our FRENCH REVOLUTION topic!   What grim voices will be raised... in the shadow of the guillotine?!


We have also been re-focusing our efforts on HANDWRITING.  We looked at samples of not-quite-perfect handwriting together and gave supportive tips on what needed to improve and how we can go about making our work look its best!   This has already had a positive effect in seeing the transformation from our Draft work into our Writing books!  We are still pushing hard - in the spirit of REFLECT AND PERFECT (RAP) time!

We have been exploring new texts in ENGLISH = VOICES IN THE PARK, by Anthony Browne.

This is one of our brilliant picture books, where the children are developing so many REASONING and INFERENCE skills.   We have now moved onto the wonderful  BILL'S NEW FROCK, by Anne Fine.  This is a very good book, as it challenges our understanding of traditional gender roles and the expectations placed on people by society.  Fans of David Walliam's 'The Boy In A Dress' would very much enjoy this book!


In SCIENCE, we have moved onto learning about LIFE CYCLES, looking at how trees, salmon, frogs and butterflies develop!  We organised stages of development, learned about PRODUCERS, CONSUMERS and DECOMPOSERS and (of course!) read THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR by Eric Carle, which was very fun and a trip down memory lane for many of the children!


We had a thoroughly exhausting (in a good way!) workshop on SKIP 2 B FIT and everyone joined in!

We have also adopted the DAILY MILE sports challenge, so each day, the children are out, developing their fitness and building stamina through cardiovascular exercise!  RONNIE THE RHINO came for a run as well!


Of course, we also had the magical READING UNDER THE STARS events, which were an absolute triumph on the nights; with many parents and families giving lots of heart-felt and sincere thanks for organising everything  - and that wasn't just the hot chocolate and marshmallows talking!


So, enjoy the New Year!  We are working hard and doing our best in Year 5!


All the best,



Mr Prowse & Miss Losch!

Welcome to the great and glorious adventure that is Year 5!


This year, we are going to be going off on a GREAT EXHIBITION of skills, learning and understanding as we create our own AGE OF WONDER!  Not to cause a GREAT STINK or go TO WAR about it but we're going to be having a CLASS STRUGGLE and learning about HOUSEHOLD MANAGEMENT.  We'll find ourselves lost in WORLDS OF IMAGINATION and standing on the THRESHOLD OF HISTORY.  In fact, we'll have the confidence to be RE-INVENTING THE WORLD!


Yes, we're studying Victorians!


We've already been getting to grips with COUNT DRACULA, from the fevered imagination of BRAM STOKER.  It has been thrilling to dive into Drama Lessons and act out the Victorian epic adventure story of good and evil, morality and progress, challenging social attitudes and what it means to be caught between the world of yesteryear and the brand-new futuristic world of tomorrow!

In our MATHS lessons together, we will be spanning the curriculum, from negative numbers to prime factors, graphs, fractions, area & perimeter, percentages and square roots.


We'll be focusing on first developing FLUENCY in our different units, where the children will build their skills, supported and challenged by our adults and their peers.   We will be using a variety of learning styles, practical resources, extensions for the confident and support for those who need a bit more help.


From there, we will reach higher to establishing REASONING skills - not just can you work a calculation out, but can you explain what you've done, how you got your answer and why it is right?  This is where we see if children have secured their earlier understanding and it is where we can help to challenge them to reach as high as they can go.

In SCIENCE, we are currently learning about LIGHT AND SIGHT.

We had a special Mum in as a visitor who knows all about looking after people's eyes and how they work.   We did experiments with torches, lenses and learned about fascinating (and slightly disgusting) things like the jelly-like substance called vitreous humour that fills our eyeballs!  Delightful!


We celebrated NATIONAL POETRY WEEK recently and brought a wide selection of poetry books and favourite poems from home to share and celebrate.


We listened to "The Owl And The PussyCat"  and   "On The Nin-Nan-Nong".

We performed "The Sssssssnake Hotel" together as a class and were shocked by the Victorian morality tale of the famous (comedy?) poem: "Matilda, Who Told Lies And Was Burned To Death."   Bizarre...


We will be designing our own spooky and haunting poetry in class as we edge closer to Halloween, including inspirational ghostly works by JACK PRELUTSKY.