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Year 5



Welcome to the creative nebula that is Year 5!

This year, we are stepping back in our time machines to Victorian England and the Age of Wonder!  

We are reading and learning about 'Dracula' by Bram Stoker and creating awesome drama productions.

We are studying the great William Morris and his inter-twining designs in Art.

We are also writing our own Choose-Your-Own-Adventures in English!

All that and more - and it's not even Christmas yet!


Come and see what we've been up to - we hope that we inspire you!


Best wishes,


Mr Prowse

We are a supportive and well-behaved class.

We know the meaning of our school rules and we follow our behaviour system.

We like to do well and earn House Points!


We can earn House Points by:

   *  Working Hard!

   *  Being Helpful!

   *  Being Kind!

   *  Being Respectful!


Some of us love English; others have amazing Maths skills.  Many of us like Art and being creative; while some have musical talents.

Drama lessons have been an exciting new addition to our weekly timetable this year and we have whole-heartedly thrown ourselves into exploring DRACULA by Bram Stoker!


Whether it's on board the SHIP OF DEATH, trying to escape the CASTLE OF MADNESS or roaming the busy STREETS OF LONDON, you will surely find us up to creative pursuits!

We get very into our SCIENCE and we have been learning more about SCIENTIFIC METHOD and ENQUIRY this year, from our investigations into LIGHT and SIGHT through to our CIRCUITS and ELECTRICITY experiments!

We are very SAFETY-CONSCIOUS and have spent time in COMPUTING learning about E-SAFE-GUARDING.


We have also been lucky enough to have a FIRE SAFETY TALK with members of our local FIRE SERVICE.

Another really special thing for us this Term has been exploring and creating our own CHOOSE-YOUR-OWN-ADVENTURE stories, in the style of the FIGHTING FANTASY books developed by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone.


Mr Prowse has also created a new MYSTERY SECTION in the Library, where we have a whole new section of interactive puzzle books, problem-solving challenges and adventure books!


We tried to write our own adventures and turned them into full stories, based on ANCIENT GREECE!

JUNE 2017

Welcome to the busy, creative, hard-working and imaginative world of Year 5!



This year, we have delved back in time to Ancient Greece, pitted Spartans against Atheneans, learned about Greek theatre and warring city-states.  We have studied the Olympics, myths and legend and all about the complicated life of Greek Gods and Goddesses.  We wrote Greek Plays, designed feasts, created our own Gods and Goddesses, wrote epic adventure myths and legends and made some pretty awesome sculptures for Homework and Topic projects.


In the Spring, we found ourselves in the midst of the French Revolution - we explored the Causes of the struggle, the role of King Louis XVI and the partisan woes of the Three Estates - the Clergy, the Aristocrats and the common Peasants!  We have also learned how dangerous figures used Propaganda and Biased Argument  to stir up their audience (also delving into World War II propaganda posters).  We have even learned of the extreme danger of Radicalisation in times of conflict and the desperate trouble that it can cause.   With the shadow of the Guillotine looming, we had Cake To Eat from Marie Antoinette, learned about the Eiffel Tower and took a virtual tour of the Louvre!


The Summer saw us set sail for Scandinavia and we found ourselves hip-deep in VIKINGS!   We learned how the vicious, axe-wielding stereotype portrayed in films and TV only tells parts of the story and how Vikings were traders, farmers, poets, storytellers and craftsmen-and-women (who did NOT have horns on their helmets!!!).  We took a trip to Jorvik Viking Centre and The Dig living archaeological museum in York, sifted through animal bones and excavated the past in Roman, Celtic, Victorian and Viking times!   In class, we have been enjoying a wealth of DT projects, including Vikings Shields, Viking Hnefatafl chess-sets (ponounced H-NEFF-A-TAR-FEL), Viking Helmets and finally Viking Coin Pouches!



We found that we had a lot to work on in Maths and English and got right down to it.  We have delved into Number Skill, Place Value, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.  We have covered negative numbers and learned about Prime Numbers, Square Numbers and even Cubic Numbers.  Measures of distance, capacity (volume), mass (weight) and time.  Then on to the Summer Term with Area, Perimeter, Angles, Graphs, Data-handling, 2D and 3D shapes, Timetables and Reflections of shapes.Throughout the year, we have been testing the children's grasp of FLUENCY, REASONING and PROBLEM-SOLVING and seeing how well that they can CHALLENGE themselves.



Our mission in English this year was to get ALL the class - boys included - more inspired by reading books.


To help us achieve that, we have had a massive focus across the year of high-quality inspiring books by authors such as Anthony Browne and Shaun Tan, who manage to capture worlds of imagination in pictures and words.  In this way, the children have made huge progress in their oral literacy, guided reading discussion, debating and evaluating skills.  We have had an absolutely brilliant time studying the books of Anthony Browne and Shaun Tan in Guided Reading, which has really brought new life into reading time for us.  If you haven't seen any books by these two incredible authors before, then go and read some - now!


In the Summer Term, we shifted the focus from Guided Reading to Comprehension, in preparation for their time in Year 6.  It has been hard getting all their enthusiasm for discussing books condensed down into sentence answers on a page, but we are making progress and they will continue to develop and grow these skills of inference, deduction, author viewpoint and the effect of text structure and organisation in Year 6.



Our job in Writing this year has been to develop and boost the children's skills of imagination, description, sentence structure and (like it or not!) their punctuation.  We have used multimedia, videos, drama, photo stories and wonderfully  inspiring pieces of challenge, such as EPIC TEA TIME and ALMA; as well as all the wonderful input from our Ancient Greeks / French Revolution / Vikings Topic-based learning.    We have made huge progress over the course of the year, with still some way to go and room to develop. (I'm looking at you, punctuation!).  Overall, it has been a very exciting and skill-based year for Writing in Year 5!



In Science, we have moved of from Electricity through to Animals and Plants, through to Characteristics of Life and Life Cycles.  We have tracked the life cycles of turtles, elephants, bluebirds, frogs, toads, hedgehogs and (of course) The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  We learned about the properties of materials and what makes them distinctive.  We had great fun on chemical and physical changes - heating, cooling, burning and (in the playground), exploding!   We have learned about what makes us special as humans, how we change, grow and develop through childhood into puberty and adolescence.    In our books, we have developed our understanding of good experimental technique and have focused on increasing our skills of EVALUATION, ANALYSIS and being able to draw deeper CONCLUSIONS from what we have learned.


In RE, we have learned how people live a Life of Faith and the commitments people have had in the past to achieving their goals and following their hearts, including the famous "I Have A Dream" speech by Martin Luther King Jr. and the Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln - both of which tie in with our PSHCE Value for Life of PERSEVERENCE - going for your goals and never giving up, no matter the hardship, struggle, oppression and temptation to give in.   We have learned about what makes the 6 major world religions (CHRISTIANITY, ISLAM, BUDDHISM, SIHKISM, HINDUISM and JUDAISM) special, examined artifacts, teachings and beliefs and learned more about special celebrations through Assemblies  (eg: St. Patrick's Day, Eid, Passover, Lailat al Q'dar).


Thank you for supporting us, encouraging us and helping us doing everything that we can for the children!


Mr Prowse, Miss Losch & Mr Kinloch

June 2017

Welcome to Year 5!

Y5 2016/17    Mr Prowse



Welcome, everyone, to an exciting and dramatic Year 5!  We will be learning a lot of interesting and challenging things, from Ancient Greeks to how the eye works; how to write amazing stories and thrilling Myths, how to calculate with negative numbers, round money to the nearest thousand pounds and so much more.


As I'm new this year, I'll tell you a bit about myself - I've been teaching for ten years, mainly in Years 4,5,6.  I love teaching, especially English, though I originally trained as an engineer.  In school this year, I'll be leading History, Geography, RE and PHSCE (including our new Values For Life system).  The biggest thing that I care about is exactly that - that the children *care* about their time at school - giving their all in their lessons (English, Maths, Science, Topic, RE, PE, Music - everything).  If they care about doing well, about getting on, about becoming better learners, good friends and great people, then we will have a happy and successful school.


We are also ably assisted by two great supporting members of staff:  Miss Losch and Mr Kinloch, who are also very skilled, highly-motivated and do their best to make sure that all children in our class feel welcomed, supported, listened to, provided for and valued as learners and children.


We like to give responsibility to our children, too.  We have class jobs, School Council members, House Vice/Deputy Captains and Playground Buddies, to name but a few.  We hope that this will help the children develop their sense of community, value their school and education and also feel connected to all their peers and the members of staff who are here to help them.


We will always be there are the beginning and end of school if you'd like to ask for a word over lessons, clubs, upcoming tests, school events or anything else that is important to you.  We work closely with Mrs Salt and Mrs Scudder to keep your children safe and well-provided-for.  Please know that we are here for your children.  


As well as the focus in lesson time, we are following the school guidelines on sending homework home, which in Year 5 is due on every Wednesday.  The weekly requirements are as follows:


a) Spellings:   The children are given 10 new spellings every week.  These are to be written out 10 times each in their Homework books (following the school guidelines on handwriting and presentation).  The children also need to put each one into a separate sentence in their books, to show that they understand what the word means and how to use it.  (If they don't, to ask a grown-up, check in a dictionary, etc).


b)  Reading:   By Year 5, we expect the children to be reading to an adult at least 3 times per week.  This can be their school reading book and also other suitable reading material as well (eg: if they have a favourite reading book at home, that is perfectly acceptable as well).  When listening to your child read, we ask that you briefly discuss what they have read with them; to get a sense of how well they enjoyed & understood the book.  We ask that you then write a note in their reading records (the date, book, a quick comment of how they got on and to sign it, please).  In order for them to be able to change their reading books, we need to see from yourselves that they have read it to you over several occasions, completed it and have a good sense of understanding of the book.  Then, we can move them on.


c) Topic homework:  At the start of each Half Term, I will send home a sheet of different Topic-related homework challenges for the children to complete.  These win them House Points (from 2 to 10, depending upon how challenging the task is).  We ask that they pick (at least) one to complete per week.  When they bring in evidence of their challenge (and a parent's signature of the task completed), they can claim the rewards!


d)  Times Tables:  This is to be self-led and practised at home.   Depending upon how confident your child is with their Maths work, they may be extremely confident, quite confident or unconfident at their times tables (up to 12 x 12).  Because these (alongside number bonds to 10, 20 and 100) are so fundamental to virtually everything that we do in Maths, we ask that you encourage your children to focus on any times tables that they are less than very confident on and spend time over the course of the week practising, to help them build confidence, accuracy and speed in Maths, which will make them much happier in Maths lessons with this knowledge embedded.



Many thanks for your support, encouragement and hard work in cheering your children on and giving them the guidance and motivation that they need to do well in school and become wonderful people, who have a lot of potential and much to offer in life!


Best wishes,


Mr Prowse

Year 5 Class Teacher