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Year 6

Welcome to Year Six


Last day of the spring term. We were missing all of you who weren't with us.

Meet the Year 6 teacher


                    Mrs Forrest                 

                 (Class Teacher)              

Meet our School Council representatives

Well done to these children for sharing their innovative ways to help Horsforth Featherbank grow; I am sure they will both be excellent representatives for Year Six this year.


Wow! Check out our new climbing frame in the school playground!

A big hello and welcome to Year Six!

Dressing up as adjectives for World Book Day in Year 6. Sartorial anyone?!

Year Six visit Featherbank Forest for the first time!

We finally had our Kirkstall Abbey workshop which was fantastic! We learnt about the history of the abbey, from the 30 years it took to build, until it was closed down by Henry VIII as part of the reformation.

Year 6 Big Draw!

Here are photos of our trip. We learned about how Henry VIII's Church Commissioners closed down Kirkstall Abbey as past of the Reformation.

Our latest science lesson: investigating diffusion and osmosis.

Here are the results of Year Six's 'blood smoothie'. We used strawberries, pineapple juice, sprinkles and marshmallows to represent the different components in our blood. Ask your child what ingredient represents which part of the blood!

Today we have been studying the circulatory system - specifically the heart. Using sheep hearts, we had to identify the two ventricles, the atria, the aortic value and the pulmonary artery.

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