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Welcome to Horsforth Featherbank Primary School


I am proud to be the Headteacher at Horsforth Featherbank Primary School. My aim is to ensure that children have a well-rounded education that underpins a commitment to providing a primary school experience which truly embraces the five outcomes of Every Child Matters: to be healthy, stay safe, enjoy & achieve, make a positive contribution and achieve economic well-being.

Our school ethos and aims accurately reflect our values and vision for the future and our core values can be summarised as:-

"Every child safe, every child happy, every child growing"

SAFE, because the safety and welfare of the children is at the root of everything we do; HAPPY, because we know that securing children's happiness at school, and building their self confidence, will enable them to achieve more positively in the classroom, and in their lives beyond school; GROWING because we believe that throughout their primary years, children develop and grow in a variety of ways: emotionally, physically, socially, spiritually, culturally, morally and academically.

We are all delighted with our new logo and believe that the handprints, which are so unique to Featherbank, keep important links to the school of old. The colours in the tree represent the four house teams that the children in school belong to (Robins, Eagles, Kingfishers and Owls), and the tree demonstrates our continued capacity for growth and development, whilst reflecting the period of growth that the school has been through in recent years. This is encapsulated by the new school motto:-

“Growing together, learning together”

We know our children are safe & happy at school, because we listen to what they say to us and involve them in planning to make school even better. We’re all really proud that our school is a safe & happy place to grow and learn together.

Miss Lorraine Scudder

Promoting British Values