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Year 5

Weekly Highlight

This week, Year 5 were learning all about the space race. We had to create a human timeline of all the events that occurred between the United States and the USSR that meant man went into space and on the moon.


Autumn - Death By Chocolate

We have been exploring the Ancient Maya Civilization and learning about the discovery and creation of one of their most important exports: Chocolate!

Spring - A Twist in Time

We are looking at how the Industrial Revolution led to big changes in the way people worked and lived in Victorian Britain.

Summer - Around The World In 63 Days

We will be looking at comparing localities around the world with where we live, looking at physical and human geographical features.  In science, we will also study Earth and the planets, the way they all move in relation to each other and how the movement of Earth causes day, night and the seasons.


Y5 Timetable

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