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Early Years at Featherbank

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Early Years lays the foundation for successful lifelong learning! We love to learn as we play, grow as we learn, and make the most of every day.

We are a nurturing, committed team who aim to give the children the very best start to their school life. We know that children (and parents/carers) need to feel safe, settled and happy in their new environment, and we offer several stay and play sessions in the summer term as well as our visits to the pre-school settings.  Children in our Reception class are provided with a stimulating environment which encourages learning through play – a fundamental part of early learning. We use the Early Years Foundation Stage and our own knowledge of the children to plan learning opportunities across all areas of learning. This allows all children to follow their own interests and to lead their own learning.

We use Tapestry, an online journal where parents/carers can see how well their child is settling in and accessing learning. Parents/carers can also upload photographs and observations from home so that we can follow their interests at school. We strongly believe in the importance of home/school links and invite parents into weekly reading mornings/workshop and assemblies to share our learning. We encourage parents/cares to engage in their learning, look out for the daily missing number and missing letter, as well as helping their children to self-register and choose their school dinner choice.

The Early Years curriculum is very creative. We use a multi sensory approach to number, which is practical, challenging, and linked closely to everyday experiences.  Phonics is taught through Featherbank Phonics, using songs, actions and formation patters. We love to read in Reception, and enjoy a daily reading for pleasure session where each child can hear an adult read a story aloud (although we read to our children more than once in a day!). 

Our curriculum is very varied and special to the children in our cohort - we tailor learning and experiences to the children's interests to fully engage our little ones. We benefit highly from Featherbank Forest, where we can explore learning and nature outdoors!